Kibble: The Monarch Caterpillar Afraid to Get Wings Audiobook (Digital Download)


A warm and humorous tale about a young, vulnerable caterpillar named Kibble who’s afraid to turn into a butterfly. Inspired by an unlikely mentor, Kibble discovers the joys of getting wings, the value of friendship, and how to overcome his fear. Focused on nature, the environment, and respect for all living things, “Kibble” is a heartfelt coming-of-age story that engages young readers, parents, and teachers through down-to-earth characters and entertaining yet meaningful situations. Contains no illustrations. All age appropriate.

All West Creek Media products directly fund education, restore habitat and preserve wildlife.


Voiceover talent Eric Geller (as Larry), Ciscandra Nostalghia (as Kibble), Anita Gnan (as Samantha), and Roy Gnan (as Red) bring to life the story of “Kibble: The Monarch Caterpillar Afraid to Get Wings”. Together with the featured whistling of Geert Chatrou and real-life sounds of nature, this audio version of “Kibble” is the perfect companion for children who love nature and enjoy listening to stories.


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